2021/22 Financial Information


Budget revised and agreed at meeting 5/5/21

Budget 21/22 agreed at meeting Jan 2021

  • Council, Budget, 21/22 (PDF, 366 Kb)

    Budget for Financial Year 1/4/21 to 31/3/22 agreed at meeting 6/1/21

    The precept has increased by £517 compared to the 20/21 year, from £5,277 to £5,794. The increase is explained by the section entitled "Explanation of variances based on estimates used for 20/21 and 21/22 budgets" in the Budget document (above). This itemises the estimated variations in income, expenditure, balance carried over and reserves between the 20/21 and 21/22 years. These four factors are all taken into account when calculating the final precept figure.

    The following budgeted expenditure estimates have increased from the 20/21 year estimates:

    Salary + £63.00

    Street Furniture Maintenance + £60.00

    Subscriptions + £10.00

    VAT + £10.00

    Litter bin maintenance (emptying) + £200.00

    Purchase of new litter bin + £285.00

    Section 137 + £20.00 (poppy wreath)

    Some of the budget estimates have decreased as can be seen in the explanation of variances. As explained above, estimated income, expenditure, carry over from the previous year and reserves are all taken into account when calculating the precept.

    The Reserves Policies gives further details of the council's reserves.

Reserves Policy

Agreed at meeting 5/5/21

Agreed at meeting 6/1/21