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East Langton Neighbourhood Plan

Review of Neighbourhood Plan

At the Parish Council meeting on 4/12/19 the council took the decision to review the Neighbourhood Plan.

The policies in the current plan remain in force until a new plan is adopted. If the review does not change a policy it will remain in force.

The current Neighbourhood Plan, which was adopted in June 2018, can be seen below.

The Parish Council has engaged local Neighbourhood Planning Consultancy Yourlocale to support the review process.

The Parish Council has received two grants totalling £15,700 from Groundwork UK to fund the review

Reasons for reviewing the Plan

The main reasons for reviewing the Plan are:

  • The Harborough District Council Local Plan has been adopted since the Neighbourhood Plan was Made. As the more recently adopted plan the Local Plan takes precedence. This means if there is a conflict the Local Plan policy will take precedence. This will be reversed on review of the Neighbourhood Plan
  • The required housing numbers are now more achievable with the recent permissions
  • Since the Neighbourhood Plan was Made there has been an update to the National Planning Policy Framework ad Planning Practice Guidance, both of which strengthen the weight given to Neighbourhood Plans.

What policies is the review looking to update?

  • Housing allocation
  • Affordable housing provision
  • Reconsider views (these were rejected by the Inspector for the current Neighbourhood Plan)
  • Revisit Local Green Space behind School –this was also rejected by the Inspector, and one reason for given was the potential need for future housing which may no longer apply if housing allocations can be made.

Review documents

Local Green Spaces

Call for sites

The allocation of land for residential use is being undertaken through a Sustainable Site Assesment

The Parish Council is undertaking a Call for Sites by asking those who own or represent someone who owns land in either East or Church Langton which they think might be suitable for building to complete a questionnaire and forward it to the clerk with a marked map/diagram or description of the exact location and boundaries to enable the land referred to be accurately identified.

Please note that this is only an information gathering exercise at this point. The Council's aim is to understand each landowner's preference and to compile a comprehensive list of land that may be suitable to meet our housing needs.

The Parish Council has written to 34 landowners. To the council's best knowledge this includes all of the landowners in the Parish.

The letters and questionnaires were posted on 29/5/20 and the consultation period ran to 19/6/20.

The questionnaire and sample covering letter are below:

Strategic Environmental Assessment Screening Report March 2021

The current Neighbourhood Plan

The Referendum on the Neighbourhood Plan took place 21/6/18.

132 people voted, 41% turnout, 132 for and 15 against.

The plan is therefore adopted.

Adopted Version of the Neighbourhood Plan

Harborough District Council Final Decision Statement 26/6/18

Development of the Neighbourhood Plan

Click here to see the steps towards the adoption of the Neighbourhood Plan