Regulation 14 Consultation on the
Pre-submission Version of the Neighbourhood Plan

The Regulation 14 Consultation ran from 29th July to 15th September.

See below for how to comment on the Pre-submission Version of the Neighbourhood Plan

You can find out what a Regulation 14 Consultation is on page 32 of the Neighbourhood Plans Road Map below:

You are invited to read the Pre-submission version of the Neighbourhood Plan and Appendices (see below) and make comments prior to the document being finalised.

Alternatively, a hard copy of the plan is available to view at the following locations or can be requested from the Clerk:

  • The Langton Arms, Church Langton
  • The Bell Inn, East Langton
  • Langton Community Hall, Stonton Road, Church Langton
  • The Cricket Club, Main Street, East Langton.

Your comments will influence our final draft before it is submitted to Harborough District Council at which point there will be a further opportunity for you to comment when the Neighbourhood Plan is published prior to Independent Examination. Planning Practice Guidance requires Qualifying Bodies to state whether they believe that the modifications to the Neighbourhood Plan are so significant or substantial as to change the nature of the Plan and give reasons (Paragraph 085 reference ID 41-085-20180222). The Qualifying Body considers that the allocation of two sites for development represents a material modification requiring examination and referendum. The Made Neighbourhood Plan does not allocate any sites for development.

If you wish to comment on the Draft Plan you can do this using the Regulation 14 comments form below (and continuation form if you wish to comment on more than one part of the plan).

For a summary of the changes see the Executive Summary below

Pre-Submission Version of Neighbourhood Plan


Regulation 14 Comment Forms

Please submit your comments on the Comments Form (and Continuation form if applicable) to the clerk by 15/9/21

  • By email, to be addressed to:, please complete the comments form, save it as a new document and attach to your email.
  • In writing, addressed to the Clerk (Alison Gibson) at 56, Naseby Way, Great Glen, Leicester. LE8 9GS

If you require a hard copy of the Comments Form(s) please contact the clerk.

Please note we will not accept responses that are anonymous and that comments may be made public. Your personal details will not be made public.

Consultation Event 18/8/21

A consultation event took place on 18th August 2021. See the document below for a summary of the event